Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety describes a person’s fear of physical separation from a caretaker, and the worry that accompanies the act or possibility of such separation. Specific behaviors associated with separation anxiety may include the following:

  • Fears of being alone (including sleeping alone)
  • Difficult goodbyes when going to school, bed, etc.
  • Crying, strong pleadings and protests
  • Unwillingness to let family members go out of sight

The OCD and Anxiety Center in Chicago uses exposure therapy to help patients gradually come to terms with (and in some cases, even enjoy) periods of separation. We help people master anxieties that arise with loneliness or feelings of abandonment. If you or a family member is struggling with separation anxiety, don’t resign yourself to defeat—contact us here. See how we’ve successfully treated this disorder in the past and see how we can help you or your child today.

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