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Dr. Maha Zayed and Ben Harris, LCPC opened The OCD and Anxiety Center (OAC) as a way of bringing specialized, evidence-based treatment for anxiety, OCD, and related disorders to the western suburbs of Chicago. A native of Oak Brook, Dr. Zayed realized the need for specialty anxiety services. Both Dr. Zayed and Ben Harris graduated from Northern Illinois University and have years of experience in treating anxiety disorders. They have devoted their careers to obtaining advanced trainings and clinical experiences in order to provide the best possible care. At OAC, our therapists primarily utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in order to help patients address anxiety-related concerns. CBT is a broad category of treatments that emphasizes how thoughts affect feelings and behaviors, as well as focusing on how changing thoughts and behaviors can help people live a better life. Some therapies that fall under CBT include Exposure and Response Prevention, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. At OAC, our goal is to provide individualized, customized treatment plans to help inspire patients toward change and to transform their lives quickly and efficiently.



I thought Ben did an excellent job in helping my daughter with her OCD. He developed a good rapport with her by showing interest in her as a person and being non-judgmental. She trusted him, and he wasn't pushy but kept her moving along in her progress. She liked going to him. He knew also when to suggest she needed more intensive therapy at Rogers Memorial. He was flexible in scheduling her sessions. He is a very dedicated and enthusiastic therapist.

Mom of an 18 year-old with OCD

OCD had been controlling our 17-year-old daughter’s life for the last 18 months. She had been in therapy, but nothing was helping. My husband and I were feeling hopeless when we were referred to Dr. Maha Zayed. Within one week of starting therapy with Dr. Zayed and the entire OCD & Anxiety Center treatment team, my daughter had met her first goal. We were amazed! 6 weeks after starting her therapy, I am thrilled to report my daughter has met all of the goals we set for her and still continues to improve. Therapy gave her the skills she needed to be able to manage her OCD. She is much happier and has more self-confidence. We are forever grateful and cannot thank Dr. Zayed and the team enough for what they have done for our daughter and for our entire family.

Parents of 17 year old female
Words cannot express how thankful we truly are for all Dr. Zayed did to help our son.  We had a great summer with very little anxiety, and so far our son is doing well both academically and socially!  We will forever be grateful to Dr. Zayed for helping him through a difficult time in his life. She gave him a chance to enjoy life the way an 11 year old should.
-grateful mom

Dr. Zayed is amazing!  I knew when I met her that she was what we wore looking for!  Our daughter, who struggled with selective mutism, is really doing fantastic. She is amazing me everyday! She put in so much effort and has many great ideas!  I will continue to recommend her!


mom of a 9 year old daughter

The growth my son has made this year is amazing! He just performed in his first musical last night at his school, where he had two speaking scenes with just he and the main character on stage. He loved every minute and we think he has caught the performing bug. He has also been playing baseball (trying out new positions, like pitching and catcher) and sang in the spring concert (which he has never been able to attend before due to his anxiety). He was even the narrator during a skit that was being performed. The list goes on. We just wanted to thank you for helping our son and for helping us. We could not have done it without you!

Mom of 8 year old with social anxiety

Dr. Zayed has been absolutely wonderful in helping our daughter (and me too!).  Our therapist did a phenomenal job relating to our daughter’s fears and concerns, meeting her where she was at, and pushing her just enough with positive encouragement to face her fears. She helped her overcome some very stubborn anxiety patterns that we couldn’t eliminate prior to coming to the center. The doctor was patient, helpful, and always put forth extra effort day or night to help our daughter achieve her goals in the most conducive way possible.  My daughter’s confidence grew and she has great tools to use in the future.

A grateful mother

Thank you for all the help that your program has provided for me. I can now say from first-hand experience that it has been the most helpful and beneficial part of my life. When I first started seeing Dr. Zayed, I was depressed, overwhelmed and scared about what my future looked like as a mother, wife, daughter and sister.  In just under 3 months, with her help, I can now say that I’m back to my happy, positive, loud, lively self again! It’s scary being diagnosed with OCD, but I’m so glad that I have been taught and given the tools to help me be able to overcome the troubling thoughts and worries that are associated with my anxiety. I can say with certainty that exposure therapy DOES work! I’m living breathing proof of it! I really am back to myself – however, a self that’s less anxious and MORE carefree and happy than before.

Grateful postpartum mom
Before treatment, my OCD kept me in a very dark place. My life was held captive by anxiety and fear and each day I watched as my world became smaller and smaller. I had no idea if or when things would get better for me, but then I met Maha. With her support, knowledge, and care I have been able to reclaim my life from the monster that is OCD. I won't lie, treatment isn't easy but it is absolutely worth it. Each time I fell down, Maha helped me get back up and reminded me that recovery is a marathon and not a race. I didn't believe her at first when she told me that I would get better, but she was right. People can and do get better and that is because of professionals like Maha. I am forever grateful for all that she has done for me and have complete trust in her and her team. I cannot thank her enough".
-23 year old female
23 year old female

Although being skeptical about the idea of therapy, I was surprised and grateful at the way Ben got to know me as a person. He adopted ideas that fit the kind of person I am and my lifestyle. I didn't feel that there were any generic answers or ideas ever given. I'm thankful for the encouragement given to help me realize that I can handle anything life throws at me.

30 year-old female
It has been a very very long year and counting.  My 20 year old son has Aspergers and was diagnosed with OCD in August of 2018.  He has been a client of Stacy's since August 2019.  Our journey has been difficult to say the least and like nothing our family has ever seen before.  A big part of why we are finally headed in a positive direction is due to the therapy my son is receiving from Stacy Gronek, who is working harder for him than any other therapist we have seen thus far.  To say she is invested and committed is an understatement.  Because of my son's Aspergers, the exposure therapy has been extremely difficult for him to understand and believe in.  As my son's therapeutic needs and symptoms shift, she shifts. Stacy has been creative in her exposure plans while also being patient yet professionally firm.  She has been there for each and every challenge his Aspergers mind exhibits including meeting the additional challenges presented by his re-admittance to college this fall. We feel very blessed to have Stacy in his life and look forward to continuing to work with her!  We believe our son is in very good hands.
-Grateful mom
Grateful mom

Our son's challenges with anxiety were beyond what we as parents could help "fix," so we sought professional advice. Ben Harris was exceptional. He was able to quickly drill down on what the challenges were and put a plan in place for us to follow as a family. We found out that our family was a part of the challenge, but also the solution. In following Ben's counsel, our ten-year-old son became a new kid. We're so proud of what he achieved and how he faced his fears. It inspired everyone else in the family to address our fears as well. We can't thank Ben enough and couldn't have done it without him.

Mother of a 10 year-old male patient
I wanted to share how amazingly grateful I am for everything Dr. Zayed did for my daughter.  I have my daughter back.  I never thought I would see the day.  I feel like we owe her so much.  I just want you to know what a difference she made in my daughter's life and mine. She is an amazing bridge for people in pain to move from surviving to thriving!
-mom of an 18 year old

The level of care, compassion, and professionalism from my provider was of the highest degree. I can't say enough about how truly helpful and understanding my therapist was. He is articulate, knowledgeable and considerate. My experience with my therapist was a rewarding one that I will never forget.

22 year-old male patient

The OCD & Anxiety Center doctors are experts in OCD and anxiety therapies. The caring, committed and talented doctors use cutting edge techniques to treat their patients.

My daughter received excellent exposure therapy for her Thought-Fusion OCD and the results were (dare I say) amazing! Although my daughter was motivated to make gains in her therapy, Dr. Zayed and Dr. Butterfield were the navigators of her journey as they guided and directed her path to wellness. Because we had a limited amount of time, due to the fact she was only home from college for several months, both doctors worked with her intensely to design a therapy program that truly met her needs.

As a mom who was very worried about her daughter at the beginning of therapy- we both left with a renewed sense of hope and a "she can do this" attitude. We owe the Center and these doctors a huge debt of gratitude- THANK YOU!

Dr. Ward PhD

You truly worked wonders. I guess what I am trying to say is THANK YOU! Your work has changed our lives for the better forever. I recommend you to anyone I can and will not hesitate to call for help with any future challenges.

Father of a 10 year-old male patient
 We are the parents of a 20 yr old who struggles with OCD, anxiety, and body image disorders since the 6th grade with minimal effective treatment options in our area. We were very grateful for Stacy's expertise with her treatment plan specific to her OCD. She's made progress in areas I didn't think were possible.  She's starting a job and taken a class which is huge steps for someone who won't normally want to leave the house. Again we appreciate the treatment plan specific to our daughter and the caring attitude. Thanks also for all the extra assistance with our insurance difficulty as well. This was a very good experience for us and our family when dealing with a difficult disorder that has been quite stressful. It's reassuring to know there is some actual real help.
-Grateful parents
Grateful parents

Dina is exceptionally good at her profession. Her ability to connect with my teenage son is amazing. She sees situations clearly, synthesizes the facts, sees patterns of behavior, names them, is able to gently have tough conversations and suggest ways to help. She gained his trust with her honesty and compassion as well as her ability to kindly hold him accountable. There is no doubt she is positively impacting anybody who seeks her help.

-mom of teenage boy

After two years of working with three other therapists who were seasoned with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), we finally saw a breakthrough with our 13-year son and his anxiety in working with Dina at The OCD & Anxiety Center. Dina not only has depth in CBT and other methods; she knows how to engage a 13-year old boy, who doesn't always respond to just talk therapy. Her engaging methods and clever ways to empower our son and train our family (especially me) how to support his empowerment and utilization of new anxiety management tools made a real impact. We are all happy to know we have an effective and trusted therapist we can come back to in the future if/when we face more rocky times.

-mom of 13 year old boy

After 10 years of therapists and psychiatrists who had NO CLUE how to help my son, I am forever grateful to have found Dr. Zayed. She lifted a heavy burden from my shoulders and enabled my son to participate in society again and feel good about himself. He has returned to work – it is a miracle! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thankful mother

Practice News

Parent University at Oak Park River Forest High School

Dr. Maha Zayed and Ben Harris, MA were invited to participate in Parent University at Oak Park River Forest High School this past week.  The school counseling department partnered up with the Community Mental Health Board and the National Alliance for Mental Health to provide education on topics relevant to high school students, including anxiety, […]

Family Counseling Services in Aurora

The therapists at OAC were busy this past Friday!  They were invited by Family Counseling Services in Aurora to provide continuing education training.  In the morning, Dr. Maha Zayed and Lauren Eldridge, LCSW provided a 3 hour presentation on exposure based treatments for Posttraumatic Stress Diroder.   Fifty therapists in the Western Suburbs attended the talk and appeared very […]

Rogers Behavioral Health Dinner

Dr. Maha Zayed and Ben Harris were honored to be invited to the Rogers Behavioral Health dinner on November 6, 2018. Along with other professionals, we were happy to hear about the opening of the new IOP/PHP programs now available in Hinsdale, IL! The OCD & Anxiety Center has a long history of working with […]

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